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 1st Biorhythm


Having a bad day? Feeling unmotivated? But you don't know why?
Check out your biorhythms today! Be prepared for the Critical Day before it comes!
Plan your activities with 1st Biorhythm to achieve maximum efficiency!

Our lives are affected by three primary cycles: Physical, Emotional and Intellectual. The 1st Biorhythm will provide you with a comprehensive information and analysis about 7 biorhythm cycles.

What do different phases represent ?

The more high or positive a given cycle is at the time, the better one can interact in the related area.
If you are at the negative point of the cycle you can perform well but it will more difficult.

What is a critical phase - during this time, there is a greater risk of error or accident. In fact, studies have show then there is a 30-60% greater risk of an accident during those days.

Features include:

  • Explanation of the current biorhythm state
  • Long term prognosis
  • Standard and I-Ching biorhythms; As well as customization possibilities
  • HTML report generation with an export to other applications
  • Compatibility report
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